About us


Dumi Nkosi Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is a Mining & Public company that provides a reliable and sufficient service.

Dumi Nkosi has the experience and expertise to successfully assist all types of commercial and industrial clients.

Currently our service department operates in teams with experienced employees who have a vast knowledge and experience in Mining and Commercial Business.

Dumi Nkosi employees and staff overall use effective means of communication and procedures to effectively deliver services which sets us apart from other companies within the industry.


To create sustainable growth within the community to be able to create job opportunities and empower those previously disadvantaged to improve their skills.

To thoroughly understand the needs of our clients and to ensure that we provide the highest level of personal service possible.

To be Pro-active, flexible, reliable and provide a quick response.

To be a pleasure to work with.

To Maintain good communication and liaison with management and staff dealt with.

To provide value through top shelf service and solidify a strong position within the market as a trusted service provider.


Our Vision is to be the preferred and trusted service provider in the commercial and industrial steel-work and construction industry.

We want to reach up the corporate ladder to offer services over big projects and provide quality services that will allow the best results at the end of our term of business.